The Steve McQueens

Mission To Rock  7"

Their excellent 7" single on Wrench Records!

Before this, the Steve McQueens have released two singles and two LPs, including their classic debut "Got A Mission" LP. "Mission To Rock" is available from Wrench Records mailorder. The Steve McQueens have also released a second album "We Sell Millions Nationwide" - worth checking out!!

This single is the Steve McQueens' own favourite. "Punk Planet" like it too - here is the review in the Sept/Oct 1997 issue!

Wrench Records's E-mail address is

Wrench Records have also released records by a number of bands including Henry Fiat's Open Sore, Black Time, Johnny Throttle, Rancid Hell Spawn, Loudmouths, Hot Rod Honeys, Lil Bunnies, Savage Malignant, Crispy Nuts, Tronics, Tokyo Knives, Mensen, Superhelicopter Ltd and Fifi & The Mach III.