Making horrible noises since 1988!

Rancid Hell Spawn have been going since 1988, making records packed with catchy, heavily distorted one-minute punk burnouts for the truly twisted, with record sleeves to match.

Rancid Hell Spawn have released five albums and five singles so far, all but one on the Wrench Records label. This includes the "Scalpel Party" CD which contains the best of Rancid Hell Spawn - 43 tracks!!

Rancid Hell Spawn are fronted by bassist/vocalist Charlie Chainsaw, former editor of Chainsaw fanzine. Charlie Chainsaw also has been in the super-obnoxious (and now defunct) band the Sexual Abominations. Anyone out there that's into Rancid Hell Spawn ought to check out the Sexual Abominations' debut single "Rock'n'roll Meat Hook", also released on Wrench Records!

To those that have never listened to Rancid Hell Spawn, there are a few MP3s for you - see the bottom of this web page!

Rancid Hell Spawn's most recent release is a four-track EP called "Abolition Of The Orgasm" released in early 2012 (but dated 2011 on the label) - the band's first release in 16 years. Rancid Hell Spawn are planning to release one (and ONLY one) more record before calling it a day. This will probably be an LP and will probably come out in mid to late 2014. Watch this space!

The full Rancid Hell Spawn discography is as follows:

Festering Pus (7" single 1988)

Jumpin Jack Flesh (LP 1989)

Gas Mask Love (mini-LP 1990)

Chainsaw Masochist (LP 1990)

Split single with the Fells (1991, Toxic Shock Records)

Gastro Boy (7" single 1992)

Axe Hero (CD 1993)

Soundtrack for Dennis Worden's Stickboy video (1993)

Teenage Lard (7" single 1995)

Scalpel Party (Retrospective CD 2000)

Abolition Of The Orgasm (7" single 2011)

Plus a few tracks that were previously released on various compilation albums.

Here is a quick rundown of the Rancid Hell Spawn releases, plus a few pretty pictures of a few sleeves:


The first Rancid Hell Spawn single and the first release on Wrench Records. This sold out six weeks after its release and was not re-pressed - and is quite hard to find now. Available from collector scum shops only. The most "garagey" RHS release of all. Tipped as a "Potential Christmas No. 1" by the NME. Yes, they were taking the piss.


The first LP. This must have the tinniest sound of any record ever releasd. The cutting engineer thought the tape was fucked. It was not, it was meant to be that way. And apparently everyone at Mordam stopped work and rushed over to the record player saying "What the fuck is this?" the first time it was put on the record player. MRR described it as a "Vinyl Abomination" - and then went on to recommend it. Includes "Sex In A Butcher's Shop". The sleeve shows a nude pic of the Sex Pope of Hamburg.


9 tracks playing at 45rpm, released soon after Jumpin Jack Flesh- but with a slightly harder sound. Dedicated to those people that like to have sex while wearing a gas mask.


This album is Rancid Hell Spawn's personal favourite. More distortion than ever before, and features a youthful Fakir Musafar on the sleeve. If you get any Rancid Hell Spawn album, get this one (or better still, get the "Scalpel Party" CD when it's out, which contains this LP in its entirety..... absolutely NONE of that lovely distortion gets lost in the pressing process on a CD!)


The only Rancid Hell Spawn release not on Wrench. Three tracks released nowhere else - "Rottweiler Girl", "Cholesterol Clones" and a re-recorded "Washout". Available in two different coloured sleeves. The Fells provide some good stuff on the flip side. Released on Toxic Shock records.


Four tracks and a choice for anyone that likes hammering riffs. This record is dedicated to the virtues of obesity. I love obesity!


Gasp! Shock horror! Rancid Hell Spawn on CD! If you only have a turntable, and can't play CDs, then tough! 22 tracks in 30 minutes including probably Rancid Hell Spawn's best song, the twisted hillbilly punk instrumental "A Trip To The Worm Farm". One of the heavier Rancid Hell Spawn releases.


From 1995. This record has more distortion than ever before. Play it 3 times and you can work out the tune. The tune is as catchy as ever before - if you can find it. As you can guess, most people find it totally unlistenable. Others think it is the best Rancid Hell Spawn release. My totally unbiased opinion is that it's the best Rancid Hell Spawn single, on a par with the Chainsaw Masochist LP. 4 tracks.


It had to happen - the Rancid Hell Spawn retrospective. This CD contains the best of the Spawn output to date - including the whole of the Chainsaw Masochist LP, all of the tracks from the Gastro Boy EP and the split EP with the Fells, and the best stuff from all the other releases. 43 tracks in all. Released in December 2000!


The first new Rancid Hell Spawn recordings for 16 years! Does this record seem like 16 years have passed? No! It sounds just like Rancid Hell Spawn always did - too much distortion and noise! 4 tracks.


Rancid Hell Spawn are now back in the habit of writing and recording new songs. There are already 4 more new songs written, with demo versions already recorded. Will there be another Rancid Hell Spawn release? Maybe. Maybe not. That depends entirely on whether anyone buys "Abolition Of The Orgasm". If it sells out, expect another record in 2014. If nobody buys it, then you might have to wait another 16 years. Watch this space!

MP3s And YouTube Clips

Here are a few YouTube clips of Rancid Hell Spawn tracks:

Rebel With A Bus Pass

My Baby's Got A Tapeworm

Teenage Lard

A Trip To The Worm Farm

My Beautiful Bayonet


The above tracks are all also on the "Scalpel Party" retrospective CD apart from "My Beautiful Bayonet"..


Charlie Chainsaw in Croydon, 1990.

These records are all available from Wrench Records mailorder.

Wrench Records have also released records by the Sexual Abominations, Loudmouths, Hot Rod Honeys, Henry Fiat's Open Sore, Lil Bunnies, the Steve McQueens, Savage Malignant, Crispy Nuts, Tronics, Mensen, Superhelicopter Ltd, Tokyo Knives and Fifi & The Mach III.  

To contact Charlie Chainsaw / Rancid Hell Spawn or Wrench Records, send an E-mail to mail@wrench.org.