The most recent vinyl release on the Wrench Records label to date is the split EP of San Francisco's LOUDMOUTHS and Belgium's HOT ROD HONEYS.

Three tracks each from San Francisco's finest and Belgium's finest, for those of you that like beer-influenced punk rock'n'roll! The Loudmouths provide two new songs (Cum'N'Go and Feelin' Alright) and a cover version of the Dayglo Abortions "Argh Fuck Kill". The Hot Rod Honeys cover Johnny Moped's "Hard Lovin' Man" and provide two new songs "Naked'N'High" and "Ain't Got Luck".

The Loudmouths aren't going any more unfortunately. So - no more Loudmouths gigs! You will have to make do with this EP! Available from Wrench Records Mailorder. Hurry up - there are only a few copies left!