"New Race"

Their 4-song EP on Wrench Records!

Fifi and the Mach III are a four-piece band from Japan who have been going for few years now!

Fifi & the Mach III have four band members: Fifi (vocals), Tsukasa (Guitar), Nolly (Bass), and Hottie (Drums).

Their EP on the Wrench label, "New Race", was released on Wrench Records in 1998! There are four tracks, the title track being an absolutely cracking version of Radio Birdman's "NEW RACE". The EP is sold out, but occasionally copies are returned from shops and distros - check out Wrench Records mailorder for availability of "New Race" and other Fifi releases.

Wrench Records have also released records by a number of bands including Black Time, Johnny Throttle, Henry Fiat's Open Sore, Rancid Hell Spawn, the Steve McQueens, Loudmouths, Hot Rod Honeys, Lil Bunnies, Savage Malignant, Tronics, Tokyo Knives, Mensen, Superhelicopter Ltd and Crispy Nuts.

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