(Get Out Of My) Bunnie Hole

Wrench Records announce the release of the Lil Bunnies third single, Bunnie Hole.

This is the Lil Bunnies's third release, and the second Lil Bunnies release on Wrench Records. It is available from Wrench Records mailorder. It has been described as the worst record ever released in quite a few publications, yet still managed to make the top ten in quite a few Maximum Rock'n'Roll writers' playlists. There's taste for you. Since this vinyl abomination, Lil Bunnies have gone on to release an LP "50 Children's Favorites" on Rockin' Bones Records in Italy.

Now here's some publicity! This one is from the NME, 21 November 1998:

This one is from Maximum Rock'n'Roll April 1997.