Initially released on cassette only in 1980 - now re-released on CD in 2001! The first, and so far the only, re-release on the Wrench label.

What's The Hubub Bub was concieved, recorded and produced live in singer/guitarist Ziro Baby's basement kitchen in Earls Court during 1980, surrounded by drugs, prostitutes and assorted human oddities.

"What's The Hubub Bub" was, in fact, the Tronics' second cassette-LP - prior to this, they released two singles "Favourite Girls" and "Suzie's Vibrator", as well as their debut cassette-LP "Tronics". They went on to record a third album "Love Backed By Force", and a number of singles.

This may not be a typical release for Wrench Records - but it is a perfect example of how varied and weird things could be in London could be in those screwed-up times!

This CD is available from Wrench Records mailorder price £6.95 + postage & packing.

Above - a part of the original colour xerox sleeve of their cassette LP