For those of you that like noise and distortion from releases on the Wrench label, this one won't disappoint you! Four super-noisy tracks from these German lunatics!

This band has in the past been compared to early Oblivians. Maybe, but you'll have to compare this to early Oblivians with extra distortion, extra feedback and the treble turned to 11. A deafening racket for all of you noise-hounds. As one of my German friends said, "If you listen to this band, then you will need to see your ear-doctor". Tinnitus-punk at its best!

Superhelicopter Ltd have previously released one 10-inch and a number of 7-inch singles (some released under the name of "Superhelicopter"). This record, and possibly some of their earlier releases, can be obtained from Wrench Records mailorder.

Here are some band pics for you: