The sleeve of the debut EP by the Tokyo Knives!

Despite their name, they are based in Stockholm, Sweden - not Japan. Their name comes from Tomoko, their bassist. The other three members of this band are in other bands - Henry Fiat's Open Sore, the Blacks, and Turpentines. But don't expect the Tokyo Knives to sound like any of those three bands - this is really fresh-sounding stuff, recorded crisply and cleanly, fuelled by adrenalin and beer, two of the most important substances in the world of punk!

This EP contains four songs - "I Keep Thinkin 'Bout You", "Save My Soul", "I'm A Rocket" and "Not Talking To You".

This EP is sold out - sorry! The band also have a new release on Ken Rock Records - an EP called "Smell My Ass" which might just still be available. For this, and other goodies, check out Wrench Records mailorder.