Released in May 2005: a new 3-track EP by one of the world's wildest and most different punk bands - the Functional Blackouts from Chicago.

For those of you that don't know the Functional Blackouts, check out this review of their album, which sums up their sound perfectly:

“There are times - tho they are few and far between - where I'll plug a CD in to my player and I will be left completely and utterly gobsmacked. This my dear readers, is one of those times. Chicago's own sons of real bad behavior, the Functional Blackouts are a cantankerous, noisy, trebly, wickedly inventive punk rock band, with a strong emphasis on the word punk. Pure punk. Had this band been hanging around in 1978, I can assure you, with all the confidence I can muster, that record collectors would literally be jumping over each other at record swaps to find their stuff today. Killed by Death for the modern age.”

This EP is available from Wrench Records mailorder .

And if you still think that you might not like the EP, read this review (from Maximum Rock'n'Roll, August 2005):